I will take one photo each day this year that will represent the day

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Day 352

We thought we were on our way to Canada, but we only made it as far as Chile…


Day 347

Next stop, El Calafate!


Day 337

Land ahoy! (after about 36 hours of none…)


Day 336

No land and no horizon, so a lot of sea sick people (but luckily not me!)


Day 332

Getting on and off a bus all day on our journey to the end of the world:  2 border crossings, a ferry, a transfer and a breakdown.  (Maybe this is why you can’t do this journey overnight…?!)


Day 328

Farewell to another great hostel and then time for our final night bus in Argentina.


Day 324

Farewell to our new friends and our great hostel and we’re back on a bus, this time for 23 hours…