I will take one photo each day this year that will represent the day

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Day 345

Sleeping, uploading photos and having dinner with Antarctica pals.


Day 342

No land and not allowed outside due to big sea swells, so lots of sea sick people trying to get better…but again, not me?!


Day 299

We walk past this ice cream place everyday on our way to and from school and finally sampled the ice cream today (“Dulce de leche” and “Limon”).  Delicious.


Day 295

Time for El Parrillon (Argentinian BBQ) at Puerto Madero.


Day 288

Learning to order in Argentinian Spanish…this was (almost) what we were expecting!


Day 272

Packing packing packing packing packing packing…and then eating my dinner with a teaspoon because I’d packed the rest of the cutlery!


Day 267

Home-baked lemon meringue pie for Hannah & Billy!