I will take one photo each day this year that will represent the day

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Day 343

Land ahoy and a farewell party below decks with the crew – proper dancing!


Day 342

No land and not allowed outside due to big sea swells, so lots of sea sick people trying to get better…but again, not me?!


Day 341

Our last landings, but we got to take a dip in an active volcano – cold out of the water, warm in the water!


Day 340

Drinking whiskey overlooking Paradise Bay (and posting postcards from home soil at a British Base).


Day 339

A zodiac ride through blue iceburgs galore, followed by the ship crushing through pancake ice.


Day 338

Gentoo penguins, blue iceburgs and trekking on the Antarctic continent!


Day 337

Land ahoy! (after about 36 hours of none…)